Art by Annabelle Aged 6

Three flowers bloomed beside the shed Vibrant blue, green and red Not far away was Mr Gnome He never could leave things alone!


He liked to decorate the pots With scribbles, stripes and polka dots He put food colouring in the pool He really liked to break the rules. The new gardener didn’t know a thing About such strange acts happening One morning he got out of bed To tend his bulbs in the potting shed.


The precious flowers had all been painted The baffled gardener almost fainted Day after day he stopped and stared A new found flower ? very rare .

Three in a pot, blue, green and red Then orange, pink and purple raised their head Yellow sprouted at the very end They grew like a rainbow with a perfect bend. Rainbow flowers , perhaps we’ll go To the spectacular- Chelsea flower show

Mr Gnome gave a cheeky wink Because gnomes don’t always stand still like you think .


Wendy Graham Hanna.