One morning a small spaceship landed in the middle of a forest of tall trees. The door opened and a little alien climbed out, blinking in the sunlight. He looked at the tall green giants and was very afraid as he was VERY small and the planet he came from certainly didn’t have tall green giants like this! Suddenly the tall green giant spoke to him in a rustley hustley voice “Hello little stranger, you are very far down below me, are you ok?”


The little alien pulled his special iPad out of his secret pocket in his spacesuit where he kept all his IMPORTANT THINGS. I’m sure your mummy and daddy have a drawer just like this at home! The little alien had to make sure that the green giant understood him, so he Googled Green Giant language and was soon chatting to his new friends. “What are you?” asked the little alien. “I could ask you the same thing” rustled the giant! “I AM A TREE!!” the green giant said grandly! “I am vital!


I am the biggest plant on this planet. I am the largest living species on earth. I trap the dust and take in poisons from the air and change it into life giving oxygen for the humans to breathe. I give shelter to the world’s wildlife and produce materials and tools for all things to build. I provide shade and reduce noise. I can make medicine from my bark and children can play around my branches and breathe in the fresh clean air I help to make!” “Hello Tree!” Said the little alien. “Hello little stranger” said the tree.


The little alien opened his special pocket again and brought out a sandwich that his mummy had made him before he left. “Do you mind if I sit under your shelter and eat my sandwich?” “Of course you can, as long as you don’t leave any rubbish behind when you have finished! What sandwich do you have?” said the Tree. “Why Green Cheese of course” said the little alien and they laughed together as the little alien sat with his back against his new friend, munched his sandwich and watched the sun from his home planet filter through it’s leaves.




Copyright Alicia Newell