Picture by: Annabelle Stevenson Age:6


You may not have discovered a fairy farm yet but they do exist, only in the most beautiful parts of the world. This one in somewhere, between two special fairy trees in the Kingdom of Mourne.


The sky above the fairy farm is streaked with sun beams and rich red . One day per week sparkling white snow falls from blue billowing clouds. When this happens it creates most wonderful chocolaty soil.


After they collect the chocolatey soil the fairies fly back to their mushroom style homes and bake tiny little cakes . There is no smoke from their chimneys just a sumptuous smell which spreads lots of love throughout the Kingdom!


You see fairy cakes are made from magical mud and when little fairy fingers touch them the become fairy cakes ! Perhaps you’ll remember that the next time you have fairy cakes with your family?

Copyright. Wendy Graham Hanna