Stephen Henderson

Introducing another of our fabulous residents

Ruach Music Ltd

Stephen first played a cajon (Ruach’s signature product – a type of wooden box, played as a drum) at a jam session in a friend’s house.
From then Stephen desperately wanted a cajon to call his own, and so, when he couldn’t afford to buy one, he decided to make his own.

At just 16, Stephen built a cajon out of scrap wood in his garage in Kilkeel so that he could jam with other musicians.
According to Stephen, “It didn’t look great, but it sounded beautiful.”
His friends quickly took notice and started putting in orders for cajons of their own and wasn’t long before Ruach Music was born.

Momentum continued to build, with more and more percussionists all over the U.K. showing interest in Stephen’s work and a theme kept occurring…

“Percussionists wanted a kick pedal built inside a cajon. Designs were sketched down and prototyped, trying to make the kick work as best as possible.”

The final result was the Ruach Kick Cajon…

“In order to push the boundaries on what is musically possible from a cajon, we did a bit of thinking inside the box. The addition of an internal kick pedal adds an entirely new dynamic to the way the player can interact with the cajon. The inclusion of the pedal introduces a wide new range of tonal possibilities whilst the design allows for ultimate ease of use. The kick pedal allows for more rhythmically detailed playing and the birch wood body provides an ideal surface for the beater, allowing the sound to resonate inside the cajon before leaving the rebated Ruach sound port.”

Products Designed


Seven years later, Ruach Music’s product line has expanded to include effects, guitars, basses, and accessories.
Ruach Music’s cajons, guitars, and pedalboards are made from a range of beautifully finished exotic woods
-even the metal chassis of the stompboxes are adorned with a wood veneer.

So now Ruach products don’t just sound beautiful, they look beautiful too.

Ruach is also very passionate about the local music community in Northern Ireland.

“Being a small country, musicians here sometimes don’t get the attention they should ” Stephen says. “There is an exciting music scene across Northern Ireland that we are keen to develop further, and provide distinguished opportunity for growth. With our new partnership with London based Charity “Help Musicians” we are making great strides in the near future, and are excited to bring new life to the infrastructure of the music community in Northern Ireland.”

When we asked Stephen what being a part of MADE in Mourne meant to him he told us…

“Having our office based in Made in Mourne adds a very unique dynamic to our company culture and day-to-day operations – being part of the community that reside within Made in Mourne is really refreshing and creates a perfect environment for our creative team to design, strategise and work hard taking our company the the next level.”

We are very proud to call Stephen part of our MADE in Mourne family and excited to see watch his business grow. We are also delighted to be hosting Ruach Acoustic Fridays on the last Friday of every month, showcasing and celebrating local music talent in our Creative Hub – a relaxed and inspiring space located on our first floor.