Mist and Moss – Wild Rambling Pottery Candle



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Each handmade Mist and Moss candle tells a Fragrance Story inspired by the landscape of Ireland. Our candles are made in our studio in the Mountains of Mourne, County Down, Northern Ireland. Each one is hand poured in small batches with purest of ingredients.

Wild Rambling

At the base of Slieve Donard follow the river up to the long forgotten garden belonging to the old Lodge and you’ll find Strawberry Trees, a botanical speciality of Ireland, growing in the wild.  This scent is reminiscent of sweet pink strawberries and rambling red roses hidden in a secret fragrant garden.

Top Notes: Raspberry, Green Leaf

Middle Notes: Red Rose, Strawberry

Base Notes:  Vanilla, Hyacinth

Handcrafted Pottery Candle

This beautiful bespoke pottery is 100% handcrafted in Ireland using natural materials from local suppliers. There is no paraffin, no parabens, no lead, no animal testing, no animal derivatives. Vegan friendly.

The porcelain clay, known as white gold, gives a rich depth of colour to the glaze which is designed to pool in, flow over and accentuate the throwing rings, which mark the path of the makers hand.

Each piece is sealed with the Mist and Moss signature, a heart within the Celtic knot.


Burn time over 50 hours