‘Once Upon A Lockdown’ Hardback

By Made in Mourne


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‘Once Upon a Lockdown’ Hardback 

Lockdown 2020 meant many things to many people but for most of us it gifted us all with extra time and opportunities to learn a new skill.

As part of a creative enterprise we (Wendy & Alicia)  wanted to find a way to encourage the children to embrace their inner artist whilst at home .

So , with a shared passion for writing we decided to go with postcard stories. 

The idea was simple, create a piece of original art , anything at all, we pair it with a story and send it back on a postcard! 

This story would be a unique keepsake and bite sized bedtime story to enjoy.

The children took the incentive and delivered some of the most beautiful and dazzling pictures and paintings. Art is a great podium for children to discover their creativity, no pressure, no theme, just whatever flowed from those little hands.

We were blown away with the results and felt very privileged to team our words with their little masterpieces. 

As the stories multiplied so did the enthusiasm and support . Tiny piece by tiny piece a book formed! You will hold in your hands something magical, born from a scary uncertain time. Enjoy.


Alicia Newell is a retired theatre nurse and is much happier with a pen or a baking whisk in her hand instead of a scalpel. 

Wendy Graham Hanna is a Mum of four who often finds herself somewhere between the pen and the page, pursuing her passion for poetry and writing.



I am 10 years old and I love drawing and football. I have been drawing from a young age and started by drawing farms. Lately I love doodling with pens and even covered an entire wall with doodles! I take inspiration from the artists Vexx and Jon Burgerman. One day, I would love to be an illustrator and a footballer! Harley

We hope you enjoy!

The MADE in Mourne Team