A5 MADE in Mourne Mounted Print

By Made in Mourne



MADE in Mourne Mounted Print

Mourne inspired mounted print designed by the talented Ruftyroohah in collaboration with Made in Mourne that captures all the elements of Mourne.

Dimensions: 25cm x 30cm


I roam across these broad green fields.

I bridge the rivers with my boots.

I climb the hills and up the slopes.

I was Made in Mourne with high high hopes.


Now, far away in further fields I always turn my head and

Feel that someone there is calling me.

For I was Made in Mourne.

This is my home.


Rain water, sky, white clouds above .

The place I miss, the place I love.

The seashore, the trees, the rocking boats.

I was born in Mourne into a winter coat.


And all the seasons turn and sing.

A carousel, revealing rings.

Through stubble, crops and lambs I see.

I was Made in Mourne under the hawthorne tree.


Stephen Hall


The poem above breathes life into the illustration and design. The view as you climb, the wildlife, the colours and dry stone wall memories that enrich the soul.