A5 MADE in Mourne Mounted Print

ByBlack Friday weekend


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A5 MADE IN MOURNE moutned print inpired by MADE in Mourne illustrated by RuftyRoohah

Inspired by the poem below

I roam across these broad green fields.
I bridge the rivers with my boots.
I climb the hills and up the slopes.
I was made in Mourne with high high hopes.

Now, far away in further fields I always turn my head and feel that someone there is calling me.
For I was made in Mourne.
This is my home.

Rain water, sky, white clouds above.
The place I miss,the place I love.
The seashore, trees and rocking boats.
I was born in Mourne into a winter coat.

And all the seasons turn and sing.
A carousel,revealing rings.
Through stubble,crops and lambs I see.
I was made in Mourne under the hawthorne tree.

Mourne poem by Randall Stephen Hall©️