Angela Gillen Art

Introducing Angela Gillen! Angela is one of our extremely talented makers here at MADE in Mourne, Living in Warrenpoint Angela uses mixed media to create images on to well, just about anything!  A self confessed workaholic Angela thrives on being engrossed in her work which is highly evident in her finished products. 

Applying the art of Pyrography or wood burning (from the greek meaning “writing with fire”) Angela creates the most intricate and spectacular images . It’s clear to see where she gets her inspiration from by the many recognisable local scenes. From wooden slices to wooden plaques she brings her  very own style to these unique pieces.

Classic Calligraphy, colourful design and beautiful bespoke brooches her style compliments many materials.  From quirky quotes to custom orders, painted stones to souvenirs there is just no end to this ladies creativity!

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