Art by Mackenzie Mcllveen

Mackenzies Meadow In the Kingdom of Mourne

Lies a beautiful field
With minty green grass
And cherry blossom trees

Each day with her family
A little girl walked by
Until one sunny afternoon
Something strange caught her eye!

She opened the gate
It was rusty and red
Straight past the flower meadow
The little girl sped.

She shrieked with excitement
As she looked down below
“A wishing well, a wishing well!”
Dotted with coins of gold .

“How long has it been here ?”
It’s a bit overgrown,
“Does it really work mum ?”
“Can I have a go? “

The coins in Dads pocket
All jingled and clinked
Close your eyes , said Dad
Make a wish , and don’t blink .

One , two , then another
They heard a loud plop
As into the well
Each shiny coin dropped.

A few days passed by
A week and then two
Some kites blew in
Straight out of the blue!

Tied on was a message
“ You wishes have come true –
The meadow and wishing well
Now belong to you !”

by Wendy Graham Hanna