Kristin knope aged 9

By the bobbing tides of Spelga Dam
Things were quiet, and very calm
The creatures thought it quite bizarre
No humans, bikes , vans or cars!

No anglers beside the water
Where they used to stand with their rods and dockers
No picnickers or mountaineers
The place was in much need of cheer.

As Rosie and rabbit stood alone
She felt a fuzzy, warming glow
Love hearts hovered from above
As they thought of ways to spread the love !
So they sent out magical love notes
From special paper, made to float
The letters traveled far and wide
Through rivers and underground pipes.

The letter says we’ve heard it’s true
That human beings hibernate too
So we’re sending you love and lots of water
Because spring has sprung and it’s getting hotter.

Enjoy the rest, eat drink and relax
Listen to music, have some snacks
Draw, create, play some games
And when it’s time – come back again .

So next time that you fill your bath
Keep a close watch on your taps
Or watch as mum fills the kettle for tea
There may be a letter for you to read .

by Wendy Graham Hanna.