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L. Magill Lifestyle Photography

L. Magill Lifestyle Photography can be found in our studio, located on our top floor, where she does many of her intimate newborn and kiddies shoots.

Leanne is the proud mummy to 3 beautiful children herself, with a fourth on the way. Family is everything to Leanne and she tells us that her children are the inspiration behind all that she does. In fact, Leanne feels that it was photographing her own children that fuelled her passion for lifestyle photography and gave her the confidence to turn her hobby into a career.

Storytelling Photography

Leanne feels her photography style is best summed up as ‘storytelling’, with photographs focused on bringing interesting details out of the big picture, capturing authentic emotions and natural behaviours. She particularly enjoys photographing newborns and children on their own as well as capturing the special bond between parents and children, lovers and even friends and her passion lies in capturing moments to be treasured, rather than traditional studio portraiture. – Whether it is capturing how your baby curls perfectly on your chest, the way your child’s hand fits so beautifully in yours, or the way your doting partner looks at you… Leanne wants to capture those ‘real’ moments, both in her studio and on location.

When we asked Leanne what it meant to her to be part of MADE in Mourne she told us…

Having my base in such a stimulating and social environment means there is always inspiration which I can adapt into my workflow, whether it is from the artwork from other local creatives or the interaction and connection even just from those enjoying each others company with a coffee. The editing process of working as a photographer can be a lonely place when you work for yourself but having other creatives motivating and fuelling your innovation is priceless.

Come on In!

When you choose L. Magill Lifestyle Photographer, expect a relaxed and informal approach, lots of laughs and a comprehensive range of priceless photographs to take home and treasure.
Interested it talking to Leanne about capturing some special moments for you and your family? Leanne would love to hear from you.
Leanne also holds a number of photography classes in theHUB at MADE in Mourne, which are ideal for anyone wanting to learn how to make the most of their DSLR camera and generally take better photographs. Details of these classes can be found on the link below.



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