Art by Isabella Graham Aged 5

Blackford Farm was home to a family who lived in the beautiful converted barn with the lemon coloured door. The children, Isabella and Charlotte shared a room at the top with a little circle shaped window where they watched the stars twinkle from at nighttime.


Most days the girls would burst out onto the beautiful big lawn and practice gymnastics on their pink foamy mats. One afternoon while the family were away walking their dogs the farm animals had an idea. “Let’s have a gymnastics party !” Suggested Stitch the Scarecrow .


Barney the black faced sheep thought this was a brilliant idea and offered to keep watch through the fence for passers by. Denver the dairy cow began with a long run up to clear the fence which had now become hurdles !


Stitch the Scarecrow gave Red the Rooster a buzz but with his twiggy arms he lost his grip and catapulted Red onto the barn roof ! He found this hilarious and pretended to be a weather vane when people passed. The sheep then sped across the lawn one after another to attempt a front flip each . But that didn’t quite happen .


Sheep number one tripped and the second sheep bumped into the him at speed . Then the third sheep tumbled into the second and they spun and spun in the air! In fact, they spun so quickly that you couldn’t see their heads at all , they just looked like three big fluffy clouds !


Last to show her gymnastics move was Darcy Duck. Darcy stepped elegantly out of her pond and performed the splits perfectly. It was a gymnastics show like no other. Perhaps, the animals of Blackford Farm will make it to the Olympic Games some day …. perhaps.


By Wendy Graham Hanna