Art by Georgia Houston

Georgia’s schoolwork had all been done Then she painted a picture and made Krispy buns She cartwheeled , did handstands and practiced her splits Then she played some football in her favourite kit . The sun fell away , bedtime had come Georgia was feeling a little glum She missed granny and granda, the farming and fun “When can we visit again?” ,


she whispered to Mum. “Georgia”, said Mum “ It won’t be long now, You’ll soon bake with granny and help granda with the cows Here is the quilt , Granny made for you Hold it close and you won’t feel blue!”.


Grannys quilt was made of patches and squares Sewn together with much love and care It showed pretty houses, row upon row In colours so vibrant, that some even glowed. Georgia dozed off to the land of nod And then something happened that was so very odd Granny and Georgia were delivering milk In the pretty town on Georgia’s quilt.


They chatted and laughed while they danced door to door It was a milk run like never before The dawn sky was still as dark as ink Then Georgia woke up to a very loud CLINK! Granny had left some lovely fresh milk And Georgia recalled her dream and the quilt At breakfast she told Mum of her dream Georgia and Granny – they made the best team !


ByWendy Graham Hanna