Art by Harlow Johnston, aged 7

Dragon dez soared through the sky
Past aeroplanes and mountains high
Dragon Dez had a plight
To help his dragon fire ignite!

He summoned all his dragon power
And tried so hard to exhale fire !
He watched rockets launch toward the moon
But still could only breathe out fumes .

He watched a live volcano spew
And singed his wings a time or two
He flew to India in search of spice
And the hottest chillies ,curry and rice!

Early one morning Dez felt a wheeze
Then he coughed up a whole swarm of bees
He sucked a mushroom pop from the field below
Which cured his very ticklish throat .

One sunny day when skies were blue
He noticed a hot air balloon
The man inside gave quite a laugh
When Dez asked him for some gas

One day he ate a dragon fruit
Then spluttered out a little soot
Some smoke came out in a cloud of stars
Dragon Dez had found his fire

He practiced often in the field
And fire came out each time he breathed
Dragon Dez was quite amazed
Until he saw …….the fire brigade!

by Wendy Graham Hanna