Meeting Room


Private Office


MiM has been of great assistance in helping us set-up an office in N.Ireland. Jenna and the team are always available with assistance and guidance and any new start-up in the area should have a chat with the MiM team.
They are also a valued resource to the local community, both in the business sense, but also in nurturing an open and inclusive society.

The importance of MiM both as place for new start-ups and as place to work or meet socially can’t be stressed enough.

Once the time comes that we have outgrown MiM and will be looking at a dedicated premises, I will be very sad to leave and will miss the team and the nice Arts & Crafts that adorn the shop.

John Magee

Amon Electronics

Being surrounded by other creatives and like-minded people at Made In Mourne has given me the opportunity to expand my network in a new community since its doors opened in 2017 – around the same time we re-located to Mourne. I was and still remain an avid user of theHUB, where you’ll find members of the local community and residents enjoying everything Made In Mourne has to offer; local literature, art and wonderful coffee, to name a few. In recent months, I took up a residence in theSTUDIO; a natural progression for LCA, having grown my business network and clientele.

Made In Mourne provides a spacious and innovative working environment and a host of networking events, which is a brilliant resource to businesses in Mourne.

Laura King

LCA Agency

Made in Mourne has provided a home for our small charity in a fantastic joint working environment surrounded by dynamic and inspiring entrepreneurs. I am the only NI based staff in my organisation and all my colleagues and board live in other countries. Being based at Made in Mourne enables me to feel part of a wider team and helps me connect with people on a daily basis as well.

The joint working environment and regular gatherings also means that I have the opportunity to connect with and learn from other local organisations and businesses. The coffee and internet are great too!

Naomi Sosa

Papua Partners