In Northern Ireland we have loads to talk about, the Giants causeway, the North Coast and Titanic to name a few, but we have to shout a little louder in Mourne to showcase our outstanding natural beauty. We have one of the best places in NI to live and work, and that’s why MADE in Mourne are crossing the pond to promote the Mournes and open up opportunities for talented makers and creatives.

What is MADE in Mourne? 

Based in Kilkeel, MADE in Mourne offers a fresh and stimulating environment for talented people, creatives, entrepreneurs and the wider community. Now in its second year, the not for profit social enterprise currently supports over 70 local craftspeople in theSHOP, providing them with a physical trading space to sell their products and generate new revenue for their businesses. On the first floor, theHUB hosts an honesty café and relaxed workspace for networking and coffee catch ups as well as fully equipped meeting rooms which MADE in Mourne use to host training and educational courses on a wide variety of business topics and services. Finally, on the second floor, theSTUDIO has enabled a total of eight local businesses from photographers to engineers to launch their ideas into reality with functional office space.

MADE in Mourne in America.

We are so thankful for the support from Local businesses, InvestNI and Newry Mourne & Down council, to allow this opportunity to happen. This is enabling MADE in Mourne to travel to America and connect with the Irish & Mourne diaspora, opening up new links for trading whilst helping local creatives showcase their work both locally and globally. 

Founder of MADE in Mourne Jenna Stevenson said, “Kilkeel is a fishing and farming town, which as locals we are very proud of, but we are also a forward thinking and dynamic town. Our visit to America will enable us to link in with our Irish and Mourne connections, tell our story and promote the local area and a wide range of talented entrepreneurs. During our visit we are looking forward to meeting up with Pauline Turley, Vice Chair at the Irish Arts Centre in New York City who is originally from Lisnacree, to update her on the exciting developments in Mourne.

We’ve had lots of American tourists in MADE in Mourne and they love the area, and we want to expand that reach. We don’t’ want to wait for international visitors to stumble upon our hidden gem and discover our talented creatives, we want to actively go and tell them about Mourne and take pride in what a great place it is to live and work.” #loveMOURNE

How was MADE in Mourne established? 

As an entrepreneur Jenna Stevenson set up her business in Belfast but when baby number two came along she had to move her business back to Kilkeel. Jenna saw an opportunity for like-minded people to come together, and the Mourne Entrepreneurs Network was formed. The network identified a need for a functional space to meet and work, and with the generous help and support of local businesses and willing volunteers MADE in Mourne was established. 

MADE in Mourne go digital.

Continuing their quest to promote and support local businesses, MADE in Mourne have just received support from Invest NI & West of Morecambe Fisheries to launch a new digital platform which will take theSHOP online, creating opportunities for our 70+ makers and creatives to sell their products online and around the globe providing further opportunities to build their businesses. 

Ryan Ward, Director of TakeTwo Studios and the youngest entrepreneur at MADE in Mourne will accompany Jenna on the trip to America. Ryan graduated from the Ulster University with a degree in Computer Science and is fulfilling his passion for videography. Start up, TakeTwoStudios is based in MADE in Mourne and will be capturing the entire experience on camera. 

If anyone in the Mourne area has any friends or family in New York that you would like to put them in touch, you can drop Jenna a note by emailing jenna@madeinmourne.com.  And if you would like to keep up to date with MADE in Mourne in America, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, pop into the shop on 37 Greencastle Street, Kilkeel or visit their website to find out more. www.madeinmourne.com. 



Sunday 10 March:

Departing from Dublin International Airport on Sunday, we will arrive in New York City late on Sunday evening.

Monday 11 March: Day One

On day one, we have a lunch meeting with Pauline Turley, who is originally from Lisnachree. Pauline is the Head of the Irish Arts Centre in New York City.

Tuesday 12 March: Day Two

On Tuesday morning, we have an 8am breakfast meeting with a lady called Jenna who is an entrepreneur in New York City and has built up her business there. Jenna is going to take us to her workshop, a place called ‘the wing’ – a collaborative co-working space for female entrepreneurs, so that we can understand more about what life is like for an entrepreneur in New York.

Following our meeting with Jenna, we will take a tip to the Bank of Ireland Start-up lab in New York. The BOI currently provides seven technology companies with the opportunity to have a business location in America to scale their businesses in the USA. Again, we want to open opportunities and create connections so we can help open doors for our local creatives and entrepreneurs.

Wednesday 13 March: Day Three

At the minute on Wednesday morning we’re free, so if anyone in the Mourne area has any friends of family in New York that you would like to put us in touch with we would love to meet them for coffee.

Thursday 14 March: Day Four

At 2pm we leave New York City and take the train to Washington DC where we will join the NI Bureau for some St Patricks Day celebrations. 

 On Thursday evening, we’ve been invited to the Ireland Fund black tie event in Washington DC which will provide a massive opportunity to network with likeminded individuals, fulfilling our aim of promoting the Mourne area, opening opportunities and of course inviting them to visit the kingdom of Mourne. 

Friday 15 March: Day Five

On Friday 15 March, we’ll pack our bags and head to the airport for an early flight back to Dublin.