MADE in Mourne is a community crowd collaboration project based in Kilkeel, nestled at the base of the Mourne Mountains of Northern Ireland. The space is in Greencastle Street.

The ground floor houses the fabulous ‘MADE in Mourne’ shop that sells locally made original gifts, unique home deco arts & crafts and handmade artisan food; first floor is the HUB, a creative space complete with meeting rooms, workspaces and an honesty coffee bar for start-ups, small businesses, business folk and community groups to meet, network, collaborate and grow businesses; top floor is the STUDIO, the home of a photographer, Ruach musical instruments and other creative companies.

A not-for-profit model, the plan is to make the building commercially successful to be able to fund local initiatives, both creative and commercial that help to grow the local creative economy, provide more jobs and help to sustain those who live and work in the Mourne Region.

How can I get involved?

Come to the shop, use the space, be part of this positive experience and tell the world. It’s as simple as that really! There is no massive fund or support behind this.

It needs to commercially work, so we need customers through the door and anyone who likes what is happening here who thinks they can help out, to step forward. Our door is always open, the coffee pot is always on … you are very welcome!

Our Board & Advisors

Our Board & Advisors are predominantly locals aged under 35 who have a simple agenda – “To build a world they would like their children to inherit”.

Board & Trustees

Jenna Stevenson
Co-Founder & MD

Alan McCulla

Alan Knox

Our Advisors

Stephen Henderson
Export businesses

James Cunningham
High street retail

Declan Cole
Funding & Diaspora

Neil Davey

Sarah Graham
Community marketing

Geoff Hooks

Community groups

We have set up a number of community groups around our ‘In residence’ volunteers so you can connect in to like-minded people and indulge your passion and interests locally, whether professional or amateur: MOURNEartists, MOURNEentrepreneurs, MOURNEphotographers, MOURNEpoets

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