Where it all began

The story of MADE in Mourne began, when a local Entrepreneur Jenna Stevenson found herself moving a successful business from the bright lights of Belfast City, to her home town in the heart of the Mourne Mountains.

The decision wasn’t an easy one but with baby number two on the way, Jenna knew it made sense to relocate the business, nearer to her home in the rural fishing village of Kilkeel. However, things weren’t so straight forward, and with her new offices based in the middle of a field and with very poor wifi connection, it quickly became apparent a few changes would need to be made.

Reaching out to other local businesses, Jenna started networking with a group of likeminded individuals who she discovered had similar problems. Meeting on a monthly basis, the group realised there was an opportunity to develop a creative working space in Kilkeel which would support and facilitate local businesses.

Next came the 100 day plan……

In August 2017 the group found the perfect property and began to put their 100 day plan in place to bring their vision of a Social Enterprise to life.

The aim was to provide a fresh and stimulating environment to support and celebrate talented creatives whilst enabling local entrepreneurs to carry out and showcase their work without barriers.

The project was very much a community crowd collaboration, where businesses and individuals throughout the local area played their part by donating materials, labour and services to help deliver the project from inception to realisation in just 100 days!

Supporting three floors of local talent……

MADE in Mourne is much more than just a place to network! With the help of the local community, and Jenna driving our Board of Directors, we have the ability to support a wide range of people in local and surrounding areas in a number of different ways.

TheSHOP MADE in Mourne

Based on the ground floor, theSHOP provides a retail space for over 70+ talented makers, giving them the opportunity to sell their handmade crafts and food produce, all made locally in Northern Ireland. In November 2019, we fulfilled one of our goals, of ‘going global’ by developing a fully functioning e-commerce platform, opening up the opportunity to sell handmade Northern Irish goods around the world, with purchases going as far as New Zealand, Canada and America to name a few.

TheHUB MADE in Mourne

On the first and second floor is, theHUB providing a networking and hot-desking area, high speed Wi-Fi facilities, meeting rooms and private office space. Local businesses and entrepreneurs are supported and encouraged with access to a wide range of networking events, workshops and one to one mentorship opportunities, enabling them to collaborate and develop the skills needed for business growth.

The MADE in Mourne Mission…

MADE in Mourne is a space that inspires, educates and supports local businesses, entrepreneurs and talented individuals by offering a co-working environment and providing the opportunity to network and build relationships.

As a Social Enterprise, our aim is to continue to develop the support network we offer by opening up opportunities for digital training, business growth and collaboration through community groups, all of which were previously unavailable in our rural coastal environment. We believe by providing the right facilities and support networks, we will grow the local economy and enable job creation, helping small businesses to thrive.

MADE in Mourne’s Priorities…

Our passion and our priorities are our people, the community that surrounds us and the future generations that will benefit from our support and encouragement. We are here to educate and inspire our local community, providing a safe haven to learn and engage, envision and create, develop and grow. We are MADE in Mourne.


Building networks and partnerships


Adding value

Growth & Innovation

Skills Development

The Board

Jenna Stevenson

Co-Founder & MD

Barbara Campbell


Micheal Quinn


Heather Mckee


Alan Knox


Our Team

Keeping operations running smoothing in MADE in Mourne is down to the team below.
These friendly local faces are the first point of contact when you need something.

Alicia Newell

Alicia Newell

Nickname: Master Baker

  • Once swam at Bondi Beach.
  • Worked as a Theatre Nurse.
  • Have a Cockapoo with the same hairdo as myself.
  • My first ever album was The Eagles Greatest Hits away back in the 70’s
  • Do some Sun Salutations on a good day.
Wendy Graham Hanna

Wendy Graham Hanna

Nickname: Poet in Residence

  • Once sent a poem to Harry & Meghan and got a reply!
  • Ideal vacation – Dollywood Tennessee!
  • I’m a night owl! Writing most of my work in the wee hours.
  • Loves Graham’s ice-cream & crisps…together
  • Three essential items on a desert island – tea, chocolate & writing pad!
Ellie Mckee

Ellie Mckee

Nickname: Els

  • Currently a business student at Queens.
  • Obsessed with everything to do with my dog!
  • I have never: been to New York.
  • Ideal vacation: Marbella.
  • Favourite snack: chocolate.
Fruzsina Ferencz

Fruzsina Ferencz

Nickname: Gina

  • Best thing ever happened to me: my sons
  • My favourite place is: the beach
  • I have never: ice-skated
  • I have always wanted to try: scuba diving
  • I’m scared of: Spiders
Victoria Varhegyiova

Victoria Varhegyiova

Nickname: "V"

  • Stayed overnight in a jungle
  •  I speak 3 languages
  • I love the smell of: freshly ground coffee
  • Believe it or not… I don’t like: chocolate
  • The scariest thing that ever happened to me is: getting lost in Bangkok without a phone.
Sophie Mckee

Sophie Mckee

• Graduating QUB Business Management School in Summer 2020.
• Game of Thrones enthusiast.
• Dog lover and owner to the best pup in the world, Alfie
• I have never: visited Canada (yet – hopefully soon!)
• Favourite places: Home (Mourne) or Sag Harbor, New York