Once upon a time there was a happy little boat called Basil. Basil was a very proud little boat and he loved showing off. He was bright red and had a beautiful bright red sail that flapped and billowed when the wind blew. Every day when the sun was shining and the wind filled his sails, Basil sailed off to catch some fat silver fish.


Everybody knew Basil and waved to him from the shore as he sailed over the white tipped waves and into the bay. Basil really liked the crowd waving at him from the shore and would give his sails an extra flap to show how clever he was.


“Look at me everyone” as he sped along. “Nobody is as smart or as beautiful or as clever as me, look at what I can do!” WELL!!


We all know what happens to a smarty-pants show off. Basil did an extra fast turn to show everyone his fine mast when all of a sudden there was a loud


RIIIIIPPPPPP. Basil had turned so quickly that the wind had caught his sail and caused a great big hole.


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. His once proud red sail wouldn’t sail and the wind blew straight through the big hole. Basil was ashamed and broken-hearted. He had made a fool of himself and all his fine friends didn’t want to know him. He sailed slowly and sadly back past the shore where all the people had stood waving and gazed at the empty sand. “What a silly-billy I am” he thought. “I thought I had lots of friends and now I’m just lonely.”


He stopped for a moment to feel sorry for himself and shed a wee tear. Suddenly, through his tears he saw some beautiful flowers waving at him! “Hello Basil” they called. Basil looked at them with astonishment, “where did you come from?” he said tearfully. “We were always here Basil, you just didn’t see us because of the crowds of people. We would love to be your friends!” Basil was overjoyed as he realised that the flowers, each one as beautiful as he, wanted to be his friends even when he wasn’t looking his best.


Now when Basil, sails past his friends and the wind fills its cheeks and speeds him along, he still can’t resist giving them a flap of his sail, but only a small one and the flowers wave back in the breeze.


Copyright. Alicia Newell