MADE in Mourne have developed a new and exciting product collaboration programme with local Makers to maximise their product potential both locally and globally.

Our mission is to inspire, enable and grow local Entrepreneurs, Creatives and businesses to live, work and thrive in Mourne, and we believe this can be achieved through the successful delivery of opportunities such as our new and innovative product development programme. Our network of Makers were invited to respond to a creative brief in which they were tasked with developing new products to meet the needs and demands of our growing customer base, both in-store and online. The brief requested Makers to use their imagination and creativity to produce a new product line capturing the beauty of the Mournes and the hearts of our customers.

We were delighted with the response and overwhelmed with the high standard of artwork and product ideas submitted, which made it increasingly difficult to decide which Makers would progress to the next round. However, after a lot of thought and consideration MADE in Mourne were delighted to officially join forces with local lifestyle and homeware brand Majukoo and Northern Irish clothing brand Rufty Roohah.

Majukoo put artistic flair to work, designing a new calendar, notebook and enamel mug, each illustrated with watercolour paintings of the most iconic symbols associated with the Kingdom of Mourne. Whilst Rufty Roohah got creative with a new range of t-shirts capturing the rural Mourne landscape, as well as luxurious wooden serving platters and coasters engraved with the same beautiful countryside illustrations. 

Both Makers have captured Mourne in different and unique ways, creating products that emphasise the outstanding natural beauty of the area, which will be highly sought after by locals and tourists alike. MADE in Mourne worked closely with each brand throughout the design process, including providing the funding needed to further develop each of the products, adding additional personal touches and working with manufacturers to bring the final products to life.

Maja Szotkiewicz, the local artist behind Majukoo, described the process in detail; “I really loved the entire collaboration process! Before starting any initial sketches Jenna and I had a few meetings where we discussed the project as a whole (the theme, products, marketing etc.) which I think is very important to set straight, so both the illustrator and client know what the outcome will be! I also appreciated that Jenna trusted me and my skills, and I was given creative freedom to ‘do my own thing’ you could say! This collaboration has definitely given my brand a chance to grown and gain more recognition in the local area. Most of my sales and clients are from outside of Northern Ireland so not a lot of people locally would have known about my brand and what I do as a full time job. I also appreciate that this has helped me build up my portfolio to show to showcase my products to potential clients in the future.”


Just one of the products that Maja produced for MADE In Mourne 

2021 The Mournes Calendar – BUY HERE 





Tasha Hall the creative genius behind Rufty Roohah describes both the challenge and reward of taking part in the new collaboration programme; “Working with MADE in Mourne has been a really positive experience. Generating an all-encompassing image of The Mournes was a fascinating challenge, especially combining the mountains with the farming landscape and the sea. There are always bright possibilities that can grow through collaboration. New things grow between fertile imaginations.”

Together, the collaboration has inspired a new lease of creativity and the development of six new products, which meet the needs and demands of our customer base both locally and globally

MADE In Mourne T shirts developed by Rufty Roohah

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To learn more about our new products or to shop online at MADE in Mourne please visit our website at www.madeinmourne.com




We look forward to collaborating with many more makers is 2021. 


The MADE in Mourne Team