Look who’s back in town! Some of you may have seen a familiar face recently in store- and your suspicions were right! Meet our new staff member at Made In Mourne Original Art and Fine Jewellery, Natalie Shanley of  Natalie Shanley Photography.

Kilkeel native and busy mumpreneur to three beautiful boys, Natalie has taken the hot seat as we have 21 quick fire questions ahead!

  1. Shopping… In store or online?  In-store
  2. Dream job? Photography…I’m living my own dream!
  3. Early bird or night owl? Night owl
  4. Most used emoji? ?
  5. Saturday shopping or Saturday game? Saturday Game
  6. Favourite traits in a person? Humour and personality
  7. Favourite holiday destination in Ireland? Wicklow
  8. Last family road trip? The North Coast 
  9. Favourite place to visit in Mourne- Greencastle 
  10. The greatest lesson your children have taught you? To find fun in the simple things
  11. Whats your superpower? Multi tasking
  12. Whats your signature dish? Spaghetti bolognese
  13. Best grub in Kilkeel? Cunningham’s Sunday dinners
  14. Silver of gold jewellery? Silver, we have some stunning pieces in the new shop!
  15. Mountains or Sea? Sea
  16. Flowers or Chocolate? Oohhh Chocolate (and it has to be Mourne based NearyNogs 
  17. Best piece of life advice? Enjoy, you only live once.
  18. Best piece of photography advice? Have fun and relax
  19. If you could have a photoshoot with anyone, past or present, whom would it be? Elvis Presley for my dad
  20. Favourite Mourne phrase? “Our huzzy “or “our fella”
  21. Exciting future plans? Moving into our new family home in my hometown of Kilkeel

Hope you enjoyed our “chat with Nat!” Our opening hours are Mon-Sat 10-5.30 at no 21 Bridge Street, Kilkeel.